The Big Band

Diva With a vision to recreate
the sound, the look, and
the mood of the big bands
of the 30's and 40's,
Tuxedo Junction offers a
refreshing and authentic,
musical recreation of
the 'Big Band Swing Era'.
Bones!! Saxes

Steve Lallier’s Tuxedo Junction is an authentic recreation of the Big Bands from both the 30’s thru the 40’s and of present day big bands with popular jazz vocalists. Tuxedo Junction is available in either a 17 piece or an 11 piece band. Vocalists are included in addition to these instrumentations.

For the last twenty years, a period much longer than the big band era itself, Tuxedo Junction has continued to provide the best in music for numerous weddings, corporate events, and special occasions. The band was recently recognized as the “Fan Favorite of the Year” for ‘Cool Thursdays’, a Jazz Under the Stars summer series at the Dallas Arboretum.

The band's musical library includes all familiar big band favorites, played in the same rich, full ensemble arrangements that make listening and dancing to this music so exciting. With the current popularity of swing dancing, the band's program will be enjoyed by all ages.

Julie O’Connell and Grant Dawson are the band's vocalists. A typical program includes approximately 70% vocal numbers.

Tuxedo Junction is certainly a 'dance band'. Every tune is arranged for dancing. From swing to Latin rhythms, including all ballroom styles, Steve can put together a program designed specifically for your event.

Most songs are specifically arranged for Tuxedo Junction. If your event or program demands a specific song with a certain feel and sound, Tuxedo Junction can deliver it! Special arrangements can be prepared so you can have exactly what you want!

Their stage presentation, including 'tuxedo-clad' musicians, serve up an image that will confirm the romantic, sentimental, and memorable mood associated with the days of the big bands.

The band has released three CDs. “Always in Love” is a compilation of love songs, many of which have been specifically requested for weddings. "Up in Harlem on a Saturday Night" is a recreation of the musical magic that was once 'Uptown' during the fabulous Swing Era. And, "Tuxedo Junction - A Music Sampler" was recorded 'live' at the Isle of Capri Casino!

You can book the band directly by contacting Steve or the band works with local talent agencies in Dallas. Contact Steve at or at 817.424.5704.

Diva st the Plaza Plaza Sign Chiken!
For twenty years, a period longer
than the big band era itself,
Tuxedo Junction has played for
numerous weddings, reunions,
anniversaries, corporate events,
and grand community affairs.
Steve NeilNoel Kim!

What People Say...

"Tuxedo Junction plays the best 'live' swing music I've ever heard!"
- Nathan Crone, Dallas swing music fan -

"Steve, I listened to your CD and then a Glenn Miller CD I had. I couldn't tell the difference. Fantastic!"
- Cynthia Hinman, corporate event customer -

"Ya'll were great on Friday night. Everyone couldn't stop talking about how fantastic you were! Hope to use you again soon!"
- Catrina Whitley, corporate event customer -

"Guys, listened to your CD again this morning, it is STRONG!"
- Jeff Miller, swing dance instructor -

"Awesome CD's Steve, excellent service and VERY cool packaging...keep up the good work!"
- Randy Larsen, Big Band fan -

"I've been listening to your CD. It's absolutely terrific. One of the best dancing CD's I've heard in a long time. My girlfriend and I both agreed that the other night was truly the most fun we've had dancing in a looong time. Thank you."
- Todd Siegrist, President Wichita Swing Dance Society -

"Good seeing you last Saturday night and I really enjoyed playing with the 'Tux band' again. I was impressed with all you've done with the band and all your great charts."
- Steve Shook, original TJ lead bone player 1989 -

"WOW...Y'all are good! My compliments to the Tuxedo Junction Band. What a great sound! Your vocalists are clearly 'outstanding'.
- Dallas booking agent -

"I haven't heard a band in the Dallas area which has a better play list of primarily Big Band and Swing music. They play the music most of us like dance to. And for those who would prefer to listen, the arrangements are excellent and the vocals of Craig and Mary Ellen are very smooth. So this Friday night, bring your favorite dance partner, bring your friends who don't dance, heck, bring your mom and dad out to hear the best sounds of the big band era.
Remember "If you ain't sweatin', you ain't swingin'!"
- Jerry Warwick, swing dancer -

May your complement be added to the list after your big event!

Da Boys in da Band-da! Tuxedo Junction serves up a show
that delivers fun and excitement,
yet creates a romantic and
sentimental mood once associated
with the days of the big bands.
TJ Logo End of the Night
Sax Fingers B25 SMU Event

Diva w/ Attitude Savoy Hey there Gate!!!
Backroom Cool Disc!!
Every song is played in a full,
rich big band arrangement
that originally made listening
and dancing to this music
so popular.

This band is a hit for all ages!
The Cotton Club Mary Ellen Corporate Gig!

Let Tuxedo Junction put you...
'In the Mood' to 'Jump, Jive, 'n Wail' !!

Swing Out!!!